The world can appear to be a dangerous place.  The new virus is causing a lot of upheaval for travelers.  Threats of terrorism make people feel unsafe.  The new normal of disrespect and the tolerance for ‘ad hominem’ attacks contributes to the sense of insecurity that many of us feel today.

At the same time, so much is being taught and shared about our individual capacity for personal power and choice. 

We are learning to examine our thinking, communication style, and relationships so that we don’t promote hurt or discomfort but connect with others across divides of culture, religion, race, and ways of looking at the world. The darkest times bring forth the best of the human spirit.

While research and science find new ways to resist illness, old remedies are remerging that help tonify our immune system and make us stronger.  We understand more about truly taking care of ourselves on all levels.

Our job is to learn, grow, nurture the light within, and cultivate our own capacity to be a force for good. 

I sometimes have a really hard time because I am super sensitive, easily wounded, and feel profoundly upset when I am disrespected or ill-treated, or when I see people acting badly toward others.

I have to find a peaceful place within and at the same time feel my triggers and the anguish, fear, and sadness that is the root of my discomfort.  I have to explore where I feel these things in my body. 

My tendency is to want to relieve the discomfort with distraction, food, drink or workaholism, which doesn’t ultimately help.

But if I can sit with the discomfort, I can allow my energy to settle and transform, by connecting my triggers to my place of inner peace and holding the sensation until it calms.  I can find compassion.  Once I am in a state of compassion, I feel safe once again, and I know, deeply and profoundly, that on some level all is well.

Then I feel more energized to do what I need to do to protect myself, make sure to take needed supplements, tend to my diet and self care plan, create a strong energetic field around myself and my home, use potent items to repel negative influences, set clear intentions for safety and wellbeing, pay close attention to reliable sources, call on unseen forces to assist me, and cultivate the qualities of character that will help me to cope no matter what happens, love more!

Sometimes challenges on the physical level are just what the spirit needs to grow.  Challenging people are our greatest teachers.  Challenging experiences make for great stories and bring about lots of learning. Challenges help us stretch beyond what we thought was possible. 

I never let fear stop me from traveling.  Going to places outside of the familiar, connecting with others, and opening myself to new experiences keeps me growing and aware, which ultimately creates safety.

A lot of this work is based on trusting oneself and cultivating one’s intuition and inner knowing.  So much of the anxiety in the world today exists because we don’t practice listening to our inner wisdom.  Journey for Purpose was founded to help us have touchstone experiences that can open up that deep relationship with our self so that we know how to feel safe as we navigate life in this complex time.