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If you are ready for more…..join our community of women who want to address their precious inner longings, stop settling, and start living full out!


 Transformational Journeys

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Our mission is to provide opportunities to explore some of our most profound longings: to live an adventure filled life, to deepen our relationship with our inner knowing, to connect authentically with others, to learn to nurture ourselves profoundly, to enhance our capacity for joy, to become all that we can be, the world needs us!

We do this through transformational journeys, events and retreats, online and in beautiful places around the world…and we invite you to join us!

Eastern wisdom, indigenous rituals, a chance to challenge yourself and enjoy the natural world, and programs to use what you learn to grow, thrive, and expand.  

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Join us for a Transformational Adventure either in person or online.   Safe, powerful experiences create touchstone moments that bring lasting change into your life so you can be all that you are meant to be. 

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 Upcoming Journeys

Now is the time to decide to give yourself the greatest gift.  Step into a Journey for Purpose and feel your life expand!  You are more than you know!

Belize Adventure 2022
From Mayan Wisdom
to Coral Atolls

.Join this incredible adventure in beautiful Belize and you’ll have phenomenal memories for a lifetime!

Sit with elders in the Mayan community, enjoy a powerful fire ceremony, learn about the lasting benefits of herbal medicine, and visit a Mayan temple deep in the jungle.  The power and wisdom of this ancient culture and the ceremonies and rituals that we will experience will touch you deeply and broaden your perspective.  You will find yourself reconnected to your source, the earth, and to your own inner knowing.

Sail to an offshore coral atoll where we can stay far from the modern world and play like children in the warm waters.  Practice yoga on the soft, white beaches, eat freshly caught fish, snorkel with tropical wildlife, run your toes through the sand, and sit in a circle of wise women.

Slow down and listen to your own inner voice without the distractions of a busy life. Find new meaning and purpose, nurture your long neglected inner child,  feel the support of your commnity, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife of Belize!  You will feel renewed, invigorated, and full of inspiration to live full out!

Dec 1-11 2022

Kayak Journeys 
Paddle/ Camp/ Share 
Women’s Transformational Journeys

Women’s Transformational Kayak Journey–  join a community of amazing women to expand what is possible for your life and revel in an immersion into the natural world that will send your spirit soaring.

An amazing 4 days and 3 nights at beautiful Blake Island Marine Park.  A Retreat to Face Your Fears, Drop the Doubt, Boot the Bitch!  Deepen into your YES with an journey in a beautiful natural setting, great group support, and experienced guides.

Enjoy delicious food, sandy beaches, optional woods walks and yoga, creative exercises, circles of wise women sharing, and lots of laughter along the way.

We paddle from Bainbridge Island, a few miles across Rich Passage, after paddling instruction and a kayak packing demonstration. Beginning to experienced paddlers welcome!

Click here for more information.   July 21-24 or August 18-21 2022

Women’s Retreats   
Baja Delight
A Spa For your Wild Soul

Plan to join us for BAJA DELIGHT.  Give yourself a Spa for Your Wild Soul!  Explore your relationship with your ancestors, spirit guides, and your own intuition.  Deepen into the magic of Mexico and the Day of the Dead, when the veil is thin. 

Stay with us in a beautiful location outside of Todos Santos in Baja California.  This retreat will fill you up and help you move through what is holding you back.  You will deepen your connection to your own sources of support and your life will reflect your own transformation into the empowered wonder that you are.

Oct 29-Nov 4 2022

Check out our online course: Navigate Change, Tools for Uncertain Times.

Small group, live zoom teaching– stay tuned for new offerings and dates.

• Courageous Living, Empowered Listening: Enhancing our human connections by infusing eastern thought, indigenous wisdom, and modern skills into our communication.

• Change your story, change your life: Work with your life story to get a new perspective on your life.

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Indigenous Wisdom

Connect with your own inner wisdom and all the powerful sources of support, seen and unseen, known and unknown, that are there for you!  Sit at the feet of elders in other traditions and experience the magic!

Be Your full Self!

Feed your wild soul.  Touchstone moments live inside you and show the way.  Listen to your own wisdom.  Be your full self and move, breathe, share!

11 Ways to Make a Journey Transformational

1. Acknowledge the Obstacles

It is very powerful to recognize what you have had to overcome.  You have to cultivate a lot of inner character to move forward in the face of difficulties.  Celebrate the challenges you have embraced.

2. Recognize the Old Stories

Too often we are led through life by our wounds, never able to free ourselves from being the victim of circumstances.  We have to question our beliefs and see if they still serve us.

3. Use Tools for Change

Whether it is indigenous wisdom reminding us of unseen powers, eastern modalities helping us to access our underlying energetic systems, the power of a tribe of support practicing listening from the heart, or modern pyschology- there are a lot of tools that will help us on our Journey for Purpose