Frequently Asked Questions

Are these adventures safe?  We do everything we can to make these journeys safe, thoughtful and well planned.  Of course sometimes mishaps occur.  Travel insurance is always recommended.

Do I have to be fit? We often go to off the beaten remote places and you will want to be able to carry your luggage (although we usually can find help), enjoy walking in nature, go up and down stairs, and generally get around.  We usually offer yoga classes and other activities but they are mostly optional.  We trust that you will take care of yourself and not do anything that isn’t appropriate for you.

What about refunds? Every retreat page has a cancellation policy.

What about COVID? We ask that all participants are vaccinated and boosted or be able to show us a negative COVID test taken no more than 72 hours before participation.

Where do you go on these retreats? Each retreat has its own location.  Some are international, some are in Puget Sound.

Do I need special skills? You don’t need any special skills.  We will teach you everything you need to know.

Do I need to know how to kayak? For our kayaking trips, we give basic instruction and we paddle together in a group.  Beginners are welcome.  But you must be willing to learn!

Do I need special equipment? Sometimes we require camping equipment but we have some to share.

Are these trips for women only?  Yes these trips are for women, although we have been known to include a really nice guy or two, and sometimes we have drivers, guides, and teachers who are male.