A healing journey, Oaxaca, Oct 2019

We purified, released, let go of what didn’t serve, and exposed all the dark places that have kept us down.  We opened, allowed, surrendered, and let in the light that filled us with joy and possibilities.

Mostly we just had an incredible amount of fun just being our wildest most authentic selves.  And what a place to be!  Oaxaca is a magical place where synchronicities abound and dreams and visions seem very real.  The people are so hospitable, the food so deeply nourishing and delicious, and the natural world is full of wonders.  We sat under waterfalls, swam with dolphins in the ocean, sat amongst the roots of the giant ficus tree, were awed by the jungle and entranced by the ocean.

Here at the beach on our final day together, we sit in a circle of glowing faces lit with smiles that come from the heart, sharing songs we have learned and our best photos, chattering about the events that have led us to this moment, to this incredible connection that we feel with each other. We’re all feeling deep gratitude as we near the end of our journey together.  We have bonded and supported each other, traveling alone but together on our path to greater awareness.  Wow!

On these Oaxaca journeys, we are always confronted with the question of how to talk about our trip, how to describe it so that people get a sense of how amazing it is, how diverse and rich, how profound yet playful and fun, and what a perfect combination of things to tantalize the senses, open the heart, challenge the spirit, nurture the being, and see free our wild souls.  It is really hard to talk about with words, and even pictures only go so far.  You just have to decide that this is right for you and come and join us!

The rituals and ceremonies transported us deep into a personal space where we could see what our intuition wanted us to know and where we could embrace new beginnings and release old patterns.  These ancient practices  are so very appropriate for today.  Our souls are crying out for something that has meaning.  We really are longing to find practices that we can turn to when times are hard.  And times are often hard these days.  We need to tend to our spirits as much as we need to tend our to do list and we forget to do this.

It is so hard for me to find ways to take care of myself that really nourish me.  Mostly I just try to get as much done as I can and fit in some exercise and some good food.  I forget to light the candle, to call in my ancestors to assist me, to use my plant allies to help me, to rest in quiet, letting my mind step out of the way so that my spirit can heal my body.  I imagine that I can think my way out of everything.  And yet our earth is crying and we are divided as a people, and everyone is on edge.  Suffering is contagious and there is so much.

This time out of time here in this sacred ancient place, to reconnect and regroup is like a saving grace. The process is enriched by this exotic land of great beauty, where art is life, and vibrant colors abound in the landscapes and architecture, where life is slow, where relationships matter, and where food is sacred.

Next year, the Oct Full Moon, the Hunter’s Moon falls on Oct 31.   The full moon ceremony will be followed by the Day of the Dead.  The veil will be thin between the worlds and the experience of being here will be incredibly powerful. What an opportunity!!! I know this trip will fill completely, so don’t miss out.  I will be posting the details soon and I urge you to sign up right away.  Join our circle.

We sit in a circle and we are so grateful to have had this time together. We are now sisters of the full moon, initiated into the altar of Elizabeth, holders of light.  Now we carry all this wonder home with us, and let it shine out our eyes and heart, bringing it all back so that we can remind ourselves and each other how to take care of our spirit, and how to let the light heal us, body, mind, and soul, and how to offer it to the world, where it is so needed.