Strong women paddling

Women Paddle Power

What does it take to create a transformative experience? 

On our kayak journeys we like to present the opportunity to paddle across Rich Passage and set up camp on Blake Island as a kind of rite of passage, something that will inform us of what we are truly capable of. 

We acknowledge that it takes a lot of oomph to make this happen.  We talk about the challenges and obstacles that we had to overcome.  We look at our inner resistance,  we acknowledge our fears and doubts. 

Then we celebrate that we did it anyway, despite the things that were holding us back. 

Empowerment begins when we recognize our power to overcome obstacles.  Often our inner resistance is the biggest thing!

We have the power to act in a way that serves us despite the stories we tell ourselves.  We can change our stories.  This is transformation.

On our kayak journey we settled into this process of transformation and fueled it with laughter, song, and play.  We worked together to make meals and keep camp and we built community. 

We created a safe container with agreements about communication.  We provided witness and support.

We offered solo time, so that everyone had a chance to be with themselves and just deepen.  We hiked and paddled and drank wine.  We giggled.

By the end, we all felt mighty.  We made friends with our own wildness.  We remembered things about who we truly are.  We relished the pause and the quiet, and fed our spirits with nature. 

A transformative journey with a community of support is a jump start to an empowered life.  Once you feel your power, you can say yes to your dreams and nurture your own light.  Your own resistance becomes a challenge that makes every success sweeter. 

And you have so much more to offer the world.  And the world needs you, an empowered you, living your dreams.

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