When we are deeply rooted in a sense of purpose, we have a guideline or signpost that can help us make choices that serve us, that help us to be more fully who we are and to share our gifts with the world. When things matter to us, we can experience a deeper level of joy and caring. We can tap into a wonderful sense of flow.

When we are invested in our life and our path, we are able to motivate ourselves to a greater degree, to take care of ourselves better, to recover more quickly from disappointments and upsets, and to learn and grow turning mistakes into lessons. We can make more of a difference. The world needs us to be all that we can.

Too often though, we have to do so many things that are apparently meaningless. We can be trapped acting from a to-do list that is full of mundane chores and lacking in excitement or any sense of purpose. We also impose limits on ourselves by listening to naysayers or to our own negative thinking, eroding our confidence. How can we infuse our life with meaning when we are busy just trying to survive?

For years I played small, not willing to believe that I could be more. I had to commit to thinking positively about myself, and my potential, before I could take on more responsibility and live more in alignment with my dreams.   Every once in awhile, especially when I am tired or not well, I still hear those voices telling me that I can’t do it, that I am not good enough. I have to regularly “boot the bitch” and listen to my inner cheerleader so that I be purposeful and intentional with my choices.

A sense of purpose can be enhanced if we can offer up our activities to a higher good, something beyond just ourselves. If we can take a greater perspective and see the possibility for service in what we do, we can embrace our own self worth and can experience a greater motivation.

Activating our life with spirit is a way to enrich our capacity to give and receive. Small rituals and a connection to natural elements can help us see how spirit and a life beyond our senses is always present and available. An altar and a connection to our ancestors through pictures and memories can remind us of our deep rootedness in our life.

We can call upon grace to bring meaning and purpose when we are uncertain about what to do. We can ask for help from unseen forces and feel the benevolence of the universe acting on our behalf. Offering gratitude for the gifts we have received is a great way to connect with the abundance that is here for us to tap into. It also is a show of respect for all the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf.

Noticing synchronicities in life is a sure way to enhance our purpose and sense of rightness. We can validate our choices when we see how taking a stand leads us to things that make sense and seem right. Synchronicities abound when you take the time to look for them and to notice miracles unfolding around us.

Cultivating an awareness of what feels innately good to us, can lead to a greater sense of purpose. We have to let go of the “should’s” and the “have to’s” that we have received from our society and our up bringing. For years I thought I should be an office worker so I could make big bucks- ha, ha! That would not be me, but I had to take a big leap to see myself leading purposeful travel around the world and making a living as an acupuncturist and healer.

We are all guided to what is right for us, but too often we reject that in favor of what is more comfortable, easier, and more acceptable to others.   And it is easy to be less than we can be, to live a smaller life than we are meant to, if we don’t take a firm stand for believing in ourselves and our capacity to grow. Boot the bitch!!!

Growth is inherent in a purpose filled life. We can’t know the way our journey will unfold. Like driving with headlights on a dark night, we can only see a short way in front, but we can have faith that we will learn what we need to know and grow to be who we need to be if we are willing to trust and move forward, driven by a sense of purpose.

We explore all these themes and more on our journeys. I hope you can join us! Let us know how your path is unfolding as you explore your own purpose. The world needs us to be all that we can be and contribute everything we can, so rock on!